Commercial and Residential service and installation company servicing all of Southeast Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, Washington, and Jefferson County, for Decorative Epoxy and Resinous floor finishes, Epoxy Garage Floors, Polished Concrete, Low Maintenance Flooring Solutions, and Concrete Restoration Services.  We provide professional service, resulting in a job done on time, utilizing the highest quality products and techniques available to the industry today. Our Epoxy Coatings are 100% solids industrial floors, and always include a chemically resistant top coat for protection from oils, salts, and other harsh chemicals. Our Polished Concrete Flooring Systems are fully refined, bonded abrasive Diamond Polished Systems and always include a Semi-impregnating Guard for added protection and low maintenance flooring solutions. Diamond Polished Concrete is one of the least slippery finished floors on the market, exceeding minimum standards set forth in NFSI and ADA Requirements, which will cut down on slip-fall lawsuits.

    It is from our experience that it may be much more beneficial to repair, enhance, resurface or restore the concrete rather than cover it with a tile, carpet, or other finished floor alternative. The cost savings and benefits for utilizing the existing concrete substrate are incredible opposed to traditional floor coverings, not to mention beautifying it with a stronger, more visually appealing surface.

CCS offers Epoxy Floors, Epoxy Garage Floors, Concrete Repair, Concrete Resurfacing, Concrete Restoration, Concrete Polishing, Terrazzo Restoration and Repair, Dyed and Stained Concrete, and Custom Metallic Epoxy for basements, retail floors, commercial kitchens, restaurants, churches, auto dealers, garages, schools, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, maintenance buildings, and any other facility that uses concrete as a substrate.

Improving our homes and businesses, in many cases, can bring a financial return on our investment, not to mention the enjoyment and use we derive from the improvements. Beautifying concrete gives a more appealing surface to look at, whether it's a show stopping work of art, simple coating, or restoring the concrete to a high life-cycle low maintenance surface, the surface of the slab is stronger, will last longer, and is much less prone to chemical delaminations and break downs, which are unsightly and unsafe.


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